T-Shirt Sales Closed

 What is the cost to attend?

Tickets are $20 per person. Tickets must be purchased in advance of the event. They will go on sale in early January and must be purchased online here.

What is the time of the dance?

We offer two sessions on Friday and Saturday night to choose from. The first session is 6pm-8pm. The second session is 9pm-11pm.

Who may attend?

Fathers/father-figures and daughters of any age may attend.

Can Mothers attend to help with small children?

We recommend that fathers and father figures wait to attend until they can enjoy the dance with their daughter(s) unassisted.

What is the attire?

Sunday dress is the suggested attire.

What type of music will be provided?

A DJ will be playing music non-stop for two hours at each session. PG and PG-13 rated music is provided.

Will there be food at the event?

There will be snacks and finger foods like potato chips, brownies, cookies. We suggest that dinner arrangements be made before or after you attend the dance.

Do I need to get my date flowers?

We suggest that the father/father figure make arrangements to purchase a corsage for his date(s). The daughter, sometimes with help, should arrange for their date to have a boutonniere. This is only a suggestion; but does add a special touch.

How can I start a dance in my town?

Please call us at 229-460-5183. We have a "How To" packet for sale for $25 that explains what and how we have done to build our dance to the largest in the Nation.

Questions? Contact: Jeff Stewart - 229-460-5183